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The Farm​

 The farm SPRONATI GIUSEPPE was founded in 1987 
 after years of experience in trading table grapes.

 Our passion and desire to focus on quality enabled us to build a solid company exclusively dedicated to produce table grapes.

 Now, that dream became reality.

​ Our farm arises in Palagianello, but also includes a large area of vineyards in several surrounding areas,
reaching an overall extension of 230 hectares.

Giuseppe Spronati

Azienda Agricola Spronati
         Historical image of the farm

Vigneto uva da tavola - Az.Spronati

The production

The Farm SPRONATI GIUSEPPE owns several assets suitable for preservation and processing of grapes.
Huge investments in the recent years, allowed the SPRONATI company to count on new production and potentially very profitable assets; in fact, only 10% amongst all the vines are more than 5 years old.

Azienda Spronati Giuseppe - Acinino
Acinino - Az. Agr. Spronati Giuseppe
Our production in 2015, thanks to the new implant of Palagianello – which is approximately 62 hectares - had a surplus of over 35 hectares of Italia grapes and Vittoria grapes, and nearly 26 hectares of further varieties of seedless grapes.

The markets

Uva da tavola - Spronati Giuseppe

Because of its natural inclination to exports, The SPRONATI farm encouraged the production of those varieties which would be best placed on the main grapes markets (e.g. France, Germany, Polland, Switzerland)

The Certifications

Cerificazioni Az.Agricola Spronati

Another key-issue is: FOOD SAFETY. It is guaranteed by certification parameters of this trade.
guaranteed with the corresponding parameters of the certification industry.

By adopting the best production techniques, implemented with  the current standards, the Farm Spronati Giuseppe obtained the following:

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