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 Victoria grapes

Available from July to September

      Its bunch is big , pyramid-shaped, quite loose . The berry is yellow and rather large, elliptical shaped; its skin is a bit waxy, medium-thick , and it mixes both green and yellow tints; the pulp is crispy, yet juicy and naturally sweet. It has good resistance to transport.

Italy Grapes

Available from August to December

         Its bunch is big, 20 cm long, conical and pyramid shaped, winged, with large and herbaceous peduncle. The berry is very large, smooth, ovoid shaped: its skin is waxy, thick, firm, mixes the typical yellow tint with golden pigments; the pulp is fleshy and juicy, sweet flavoured, with a delicate and pleasant muscat aroma.


 Red Globe grapes

Available from
II° decade of August to DecemberIts bunch is very large, with an average weight of 700-800 g (sometimes reaching 1 kg), conical and pyramid shaped, winged (one or two wings). The berry is purple-red, quite spherical shaped, with an average weight of about 9-10 g per berry. Each berry has 2 or 3 seeds and has a neutral taste.​

Crimson Grapes

Available from September to December

Bunch: medium-large (500-600 g) conical shaped, compact, with 1 up to 3 wings.

Berry: medium (4 g), troncovoidal shaped, shows a dark pink skin, non-coloured pulp, neutral flavor, crispy.

 Apulia Rose ​Grapes

Available from   September to December

​    Characterized by purple-red grapes with thin and resistant skin, solid and crispy pulp and a very sweet taste. 
​The Apulia Rose has late maturing: in fact it is available from September to December. 
It is very rich in nutrients and antioxidants elements.

 regal Grapes

 Available from   September to December

 The Regal is a white grape without seeds, characterized by medium / large bunches. It matures from September to December. Its berries, egg-shaped and yellow tinted, have a crunchy and sweet taste.

 red flame Grapes

Available from   August to September

Red flame is a seedless variety; it shows a medium/large bunch, thin skin, crispy pulp, spherical shaped berries, purple-red coloured.

Autumn Giant Grapes

Available from   September to November

          The Autumn Giant is a seedless variety of table grapes; it is the result of  genetic mutation. Large bunch, conical shaped. Its berry has an average size with natural tendency to further growth; spherical shaped, shows a yellow-green skin with white pigments; crunchy pulp. Good resistance in cold storage.​

 scarlotta Grapes

Available from   September to December

         The Scarlotta Grapes, with its amazing red colour and its elegantly aromatic flavor, has big bunches with well grown spherical berries, which show a very intense red colour.


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